Pilot Questions


  1. What will you be using?

  2. Have you used it before?

  3. Did you/do you feel great, so-so or not so great about what you used/are using?

  4. What temperature do you want your solutions to be?

  5. What type of bottle will we be using?

  6. Will I throw it in front of you with a string?

  7. Do you want to premix solutions or do you want me to mix on the boat?

  8. How often will you feed?

  9. How many ounces will you take at each feeding?

  10. Will you vary feeding solutions during to your swim?

  11. Do you want to take more carbohydrates at certain points?

  12. Do you like to consume any solids during your swim?

  13. I am assuming that high potassium and high sodium are important to you - is this correct?

  14. Do you want to be notified when you are X minutes from a feeding?

Stroke Count

  1. How often do you want to know your stroke count?

  2. What is your typical stroke count?

  3. Do you expect your stroke count to vary?

  4. How often would you like to have your stroke count measured?

Pain Relief

  1. Do you have experience with using pain relief? If so, what does it tell you?

  2. Do you want to use some kind of pain relief during this swim?

  3. If so, how often do you want to use it?

  4. If you were to use pain relief, in what form would the pain medication be delivered to you? Phil Scarborough used Advil every 3.5 hours because he found that to be right for him.

  5. Where are your pain points? Shoulders? Neck?

  6. How can I assess how you are feeling?

  7. What do you look like when you are struggling?


  1. Bag Balm - Walgreens in a green square can - have you tried this or do you like something else?

  2. Goggles - What is the plan? How many changes? When?

  3. Suit changes?


  1. What is your goal in this swim?

  2. Do you want to finish, or would you feel satisfied if you completed X hours or X percentage of the swim?

  3. At what point(s) do you typically feel discouraged or like stopping, and how do you most effectively handle these kinds of feelings?

  4. What kind of communication do you like?

  5. How hard do you want to be pushed?

  6. What would be the most effective way for me to encourage you?

  7. Do you like to use a white board as a messaging tool?

  8. Do you want to be entertained or distracted in any way?

  9. Are you OK with the idea of using laminated 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper with big numbers on them to communicate stroke count and minutes until feeding?

  10. Do you want to be told when you are within X distance of certain landmarks or the finish?

  11. Do you want to know elapsed time or distance during the swim?