Probably more than you wanted to know about my hi-fi and music...

A little background

Let's face it - I probably take music a little too seriously. Some people enjoy it and others think it's a waste of money - I just say to each their own.


If you really enjoy music, it makes sense to invest in a system that sounds good, or at least that's the way I defend these purchases. Overall, I've build my system around Squeezeboxes in different rooms and all my music stored (flac) on a NAS. If you're not familiar with Squeezeboxes, you can think of them as Sonos before Sonos was availble, or Roon before that was available. While there are advantages and disadvantages to all of the systems, I like that the server is open-source with a large community providing enhancements, and you can build your own hardware.

Right now, my system is composed of:

Living Room

Squeezebox Touch
Berkeley Audio Design Associates Alpha DAC
DIYAudio Monoblock Amp Camp Amps
Audio Nirvana speakers - DIY built into existing cabinets

Master Bedroom

Squeezebox Touch
Audio Engine powered speakers

Guest Room/Office

Squeezebox 3
Benchmark DAC1
NAD 325BEE integrated amplifier
Epos speakers


Squeezebox 3
Parasound Zamp (first zone)
Triad Bronze speakers


Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry DAC and PiCorePlayer
Parasound Zamp (second zone)
Polk outdoor speakers

Kids' rooms

Squeezebox Radios

Family Room

Panasonic Plasma TV
Denon AVR-X4100W receiver
Triad Bronze speakers and subwoofer
Oppo Blu-Ray player
Tivo OTA
Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry Digi and PiCorePlayer
Monster Power HTS 3500 MKII power conditioner


Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry Digi and PiCorePlayer
Denon AVR-X4100W receiver zone 2
Polk outdoor speakers


Blue Jeans speaker cable and interconnects
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