Miscellaneous Channel Stuff

Signing the wall at The White Horse

Above the bar at the White HorseAfter swimming the Channel, everyone goes over to the White Horse in Dover and signs the wall. Mine is right where it should be - close to the bar.

My mother's cute story

My mother spoke at a writing conference soon after the swim, and wrote a funny speech that mentions the swim. Yes, she did apologize for turning me into a Chihuahua.

The Independent on Sunday Article

Peter Conchie, a reporter with The Indpendent on Sunday, was on my boat and wrote an article on the swim.

Long Training Swims

I did a number of long training swims in preparation for the Channel. Here are links to my six-hour swim, six and a half hour swim, first eight-hour swim, and second eight-hour swim in the bay.

Some pictures from the office

The Channel Cake A little party in the office My cubicle after I got back to the office

Pilot Questions

Having a good crew is absolutely critical to any long swim - it really is a team effort. Leslie and I went through a list of questions that float around the swimming community (no pun intended). I've got the blank list of questions here, if you want to run through these questions while planning for a long swim. Here's my list of answers.

Other Stuff

A picture from the swim was used as a postcard to promote a dramatic short film called The Housetaurant.

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